The beginning of the end.

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Well it’s production day 1 and it went as expected. I’m beyond rusty at this. I kept asking myself “Ummm how do I do this? How do I do that?” but it came back in a flash. I’m starting with a song I’m calling “Time” which is basically a tale about a man stuck in the middle of his own demons and the strength it takes to move forward with life.

I’ve had this idea that I’ve worked on for a while. It’s a dramatic, slow chord progression that is quite haunting (I love that feel) I started off with a Rhodes with a nice wurl to it. Added some percussion and threw in a section of Cello and Violin filling in the gaps with some pizzicato.

So far the layering is working well. It has a nice feel to it (It’s in 6/8 and swung)

I’m excited for the guitar work.

More to come!

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