Joshua David Lewis

I love music. It’s been a staple of my life for over 20 years. I’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazing people, traveling, and expressing my life through music. I hope you enjoy it.

my story

My uncle was the first guitar player I was ever around. He has this fender jaguar and I can remember the look on my face when I saw him play and how the guitar connected with me. He would play Secret Agent Man and that floored me. Maybe it was the instant mystique the guitar created. Regardless, I was hooked. That year I got a fire truck red Samick for Christmas. My uncle was there of course, a moment I won’t forget. Life changed. I remember getting my first fender at 16. A birthday gift from Mom. It’s that iconic birthday you’ll never forget. The year prior I started my obsession with Stevie so of course it was this brilliant sunburst. Life changed again.

I remember my first band from high school. I thought I was something I was not but I kept practicing. I had motivation at least. Played live on the football field, even played at the town common. I cringe today thinking it was too Creed, and Gun’s and Roses. But it was my first band. From there I kept studying and practicing and played until my fingers hurt. Woke up the next day and hit repeat. Would stay up trying to play Little Wing as best as I could. Trying to replicate that soft whisper Stevie was best at when things got quiet.

I started to improve and before I knew it my cousin and I started a band. He knew a friend, a drummer no less. Found a bass player and even a piano player. We were Chilmark. We were together for 10 years. I consider that to be one of my best accomplishments. Like any relationship this consisted of constant vigilance in the face of trying to get famous, and trying to write that song that would change everything. We failed at both. But the music we wrote, the times we shared were iconic. It was my rock and roll story. It was late nights in New York, and Boston. American spirits and motivation to go home, set it all back up and play. It was 5 musicians connecting in a way that I’ll never experience again. I’m thankful for 10 years of that. I was that guitar player with mystique.

After Chilmark ended we all went out separate ways in a flash. I kept in touch of course, not nearly as often as I hoped but when does that not happen? I was lost enough to go from a town in New Hampshire to moving to Boston by myself. Found this small yet affordable apartment and decided I was going solo. I remember those moments when you think you’re much bigger than you are. I was still motivated by those two goals. The fame, and the song. Even had myself a muse. Frankly that time was bullshit. I made every mistake you’re not supposed to make, which fueled music that was directionless. It was rehashing the same sad song. It was a dark point. THE dark point. I even found myself writing music for a producer in LA. Wait what? Yea it was short lived but it’s my story when I’m drunk at parties. “I almost sold a song to not only Katy Perry but that girl from American Idol” Almost.

After that period ended I was done with music. I couldn’t write a word. Every time I picked up the guitar my mind went to one place. This pathetic place where you remember the bad, and the will never be. It was a break after 15 years of trying to write everything down that inspired you, and doubly so for that which broke you. Everything I owned sat in a room for years collecting dust.

But you can’t just stop being a musician. Slowly and surely I started putting the pieces back together. Dusting off, cleaning, repairing, restringing, reinstalling, and doing every bit I could to start again. All of that chaos led me here, and here is a project that will have me writing again. To start putting the words down that express’ this life. To feel inspired. To no longer care about the fame or that song, and finally write to just write. To enjoy it. Thanks for stopping by…

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